Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank- American Shuffle

American Shuffle will be released on April 21 and is available for pre-order now! The record was produced by Ryan Young of Trampled By Turtles. If you preorder now, you will get a copy of the single, ‘Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me’ delivered digitally to your favorite inbox. Also this shirt is exclusive to the preorder-er.

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Out Now: Sarah Krueger – Lustrous

After three years of stints at Erik Koskinen’s Real Phonic Studio in Minneapolis, Sarah and her rotating cohort of artists carved out a record laced with a moody brightness and authentic vibe.  Lustrous, is Sarah’s sophomore release, and is now available!


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Toby Thomas Churchill- “Where Is My Rumspringa Darling?”

“It feels overwrought to say that the new album from Toby Thomas Churchill, Where is My Rumspringa Darling?, is one of the best I’ve heard this year. It feels over-the-top to say that he’s one of the most underrated songwriters in Minnesota. And it feels positively ridiculous to gush about how he’s crafted an irresistible collection of psychedelic pop songs that will turn your serotonin levels all the way up and have you screaming for more. Because you’ve heard all that before. And you have every right to start rolling your eyes when someone talks in such superlatives. But what’s a blogger to do, darling, when it all turns out to be true?”
-Andrea Swensson, 89.3 The Current.