What began in August of 2012 with a full-length LP and a label sampler, has mushroomed into a collection of some of the foremost recordings to come out of northern Minnesota in quite some time.

In a world of cheap, plastic gadgetry, we maintain that a product’s finest aesthetic can only be achieved through passion, skill and attention to detail. We consider each release an opportunity to present the artist and the consumer an impeccable product.

The choice to specialize in limited run vinyl with custom designed, hand-screen-printed jackets, asserts Chaperone’s commitment to quality, which is apparent in every single record we produce. This is the foundation of Chaperone Record’s philosophy and the impetus behind its inception.

Bob – Founder, Owner bob@chaperonerecords.com

Joe – Artistic Director joe@chaperonerecords.com

Melissa – Finance Manager melissa@chaperonerecords.com

Maddi – Marketing & Promotions Coordinator maddi@chaperonerecords.com


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