Germaine Gemberling

Singer- Songwriters Germaine Gemberling and Rich Mattson collaborate once again!

Recording for Generator began in the winter of  2011 deep in the woods of Northern MN. Rich suggested  Ol’ Yeller be the backing band for Germaine’s latest recordings. The story goes something like this…
“We held a session with our favorite players… Dale Kallman and Keely Lane had been grumbling about Ol’ yeller getting back together. They figured this could be a sort of test run. Iron Range pedal steel ace, Mike Randolph was called in to add his expertise. Tracks were laid down for six songs  and five more were recorded for good measure.”
Rich and Germaine’s pop-rock band Junkboat would also add two songs “Woodsmoke,” & “Dive Right In,” to the album.
Before long, the first sessions were revisited. Now, tweaked, dialed and preened with a fine blend of hooks and heartbeats, country crooners, two pop rockers and a killer ballad with three-part harmonies, Generator was born.