Lion or Gazelle

Lion Or Gazelle is the folk-pop project of Brian Ring. Following the disillusion of his marriage and his art-noise band, I am the slow dancing umbrella, Ring decided to sit down and teach himself to write a pop song. 72 songs later, he gave the recordings to a trusted editor, who winnowed them down to the essentials.

The result is I Might Love You, a collection of love songs built around artful arrangements and lyrics, both heartbreaking and hopeful. Sounding like the lovechild of Elliot Smith and Brian Wilson, any song on I Might Love You could begin as a forlorn dirge, mutate into an ecstatic anthem and then melt back upon itself.

Over his long and varied musical career, Mr. Ring’s ventures include numerous solo projects, as well as forays into production, including a credit on the widely acclaimed 2007 album, Drums and Guns, by fellow Duluthians, Low.

With Lion or Gazelle, Ring has undoubtedly found his musical niche. His haunting harmonies and instictive arrangements on I Might Love You are tastefully enhanced by drummer Jake Willis and upright bassist Matt Mobley (Too Many Banjoes & Coyote). Rounding out the album’s bang-up cast are Anton Jiminez-Kloekl (Red Mountain), as well as Mickey Pearson on back-up vocals. Last but not least, the project’s consummation could not have been achieved without the scrutinizing genius, mixing, and mastering of producer Sean Elmquist (Crew Jones & Southwire).