Little Black Books

Every good record has a story behind it.

It is a story about how Mark Lindquist, a Duluth record mogul in his own right, influenced the decision to start Chaperone, and how we ended up in his old office in downtown Duluth- martinis in hand, surveying the majesty of the empire Shaky Ray built.

If you google “Shaky Ray Records” it’s the first thing that pops up, and if you like pop-ups… you should check out the vintage website. The inscription reads:

‘Our little label located up here in Dullyouth, MN started off as a rejection letter from John Kass from Susstone Records in Minneapolis. “Dear Giljunko, please stop sending me your demos and just start your own label or something.” Good advice, eh? ‘

So he got a four track tape recorder and set to work building a label.

Shaky Ray Records was forged in the fires of Duluth Rawk City’s bad old days, when cover bands were plenty and venues scarce. In the nineties/early aughts Lindquist, with his band Giljunko and his little label, paved the way for the verdant music scene Duluth is now famous for.

Time passed. Giljunko evolved into Little Black Books, Lindquist’s current incarnation. He grew up, had kids, moved away from the town and the scene he helped build.

When we got word from Mark that he was back at the four track, crafting a new set of songs, we were dizzy with how full circle it all was (and it wasn’t just the martinis).

Silendo Bravio is the quintessential Lindquist record, with just enough analog rust to obscure it’s place in time, and the songs to make it what it is; a writer’s record. The stories depict a stark Midwestern kind of lonesome. The few friends we find there are lovingly rendered, before fading away into the tape hiss of memory. But Lindquist remains, filling up notebooks with his best songs yet, page after page.

Their latest effort, Silendo Bravio, was secretly released on cd format in the beginning of 2014. 12″ LP’s will be available January 21st. A 4-track wonder, check the Vimeo link to listen to the single, Page after page.