Southwire Tour Dates


“Recorded this past year, the eight hymn-like folk spirituals on Southwire’s self-titled debut come alive via Small’s plaintive and soulful vocals, a mix of lyrical spoken word and booming singing from Larson, and the timeworn instruments used to compose the songs.

Elmquist’s subtle but steady drumming, Larson’s blues-influenced guitar work, and Small’s lilting piano strains all blend elegantly into haunting melodies that sound like they have been carried on the winds of the past.”

-Erik Thompson, CityPages

“I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of their debut full-length via Chaperone Records. Part gospel, part folk, the group evokes basement revivals and post-church, front porch jams. Frontwoman Jerree Small’s vocal abilities are incomparable, and her deep, hearty crooning is bolstered by smoldering spoken word passages from Ben Larson (a.k.a. Crew Jones MC Burly Burlesque).”

-Andrea Swenson,  Local Current Blog