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Fever Dream

Fever Dream – ‘Hey, What’s Up?’

The second full length release from Duluth’s Fever Dream arrived September 27th, 2014 just in time for International Cassette Store Day! It was produced by Alan Sparhawk and Steve Garrington (Low, Retribution Gospel Choir) at 20 Below Studios. A reunion of sorts, the last time these three gents were in a studio working together harkens  Continue Reading »

Welcome to the Nü and Imprüved Chaperone Records Website!

In very olden times, when it was a considered a small miracle for a child to live until its first birthday, entire villages would gather to celebrate by parading the child through the streets, lauding them with gifts and praise for reaching the precious milestone. In these bizarre and economically awkward times, for any business  Continue Reading »

Fever Dream- “I’m Real”